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Welcome to SOOASUNG!

SOOASUNG is self-styled name for this home page, for my house and for my family and was originated from my ID to login to PC communitions and Internet.
Before my coming to this beautiful Cheju Island in 1990, I was a common salary man of cityborn and citybred.
And now, I have been a mandarin orange farmer enjoying liberal and rural life at the middle of mandarin orange belt located in the southern part of Funny & Fantastic Island, Cheju.
Two years ago, I have got a set of Macintosh LC475 in order to overcome difficulties owing to long distance from downtown and to console my doughter, Jisung under the influence of isolation and to apply my breaktime to something more useful. As a result of it Mac has been a member of my rural life!
I am proud of my liberal and rural life in Funny & Fantastic Island, Cheju and cannot stop making a boast of beautiful Cheju.
I dare prepare this home page to introduce all about Cheju to all the Internetizens in spite of my unskilful technique and my poor English.
Please click SOOASUNG, just as knocking your neighbor's!

June the 3rd, 1996        Y.S.Lee and his family, SOOASUNG

Where is

From Picture Book 'Hyangdan, Bangja and Pippa' by Jisung Lee
Awarded a prize of 'Special Selection for the youth'
'96 Korea Computer Design Contest'
by Elex Computer, Apple Computer, The Chosun Ilbo and Good Morning Digital

Where is
Funny & Fantastic Island, Cheju?


SOOASUNG prepared it with good care.
Many of it serves only in Korean at this time but I am going to translate it
into English, Chinese, Japanese step by step.
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