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Welcome to SOOASUNG @ Funny and Fantastic Jeju Island, Korea

Welcome to SOOASUNG!

SOOASUNG is my self created name for this homepage, my house, and my family. The name originates from my Internet and PC login created over two years ago.

Before coming to the beautiful Jeju Island in 1990, I was a common business man, city bred and city born.

Now, I am a mandarin orange farmer enjoying a liberal and rural life in the middle of the mandarin oragne belt located in the southern part of Funny & Fantastic Jeju Island.

Two years ago in 1994, I purchased a Macintosh LC475 computer to stay connected, as well as to give my daughter, Jisung, and myself a useful pastime.

Since then, my Mac has become a member of my rural life!

I am proud of my liberal and rural life in Funny & Fantastic Jeju Island and I cannot stop boasting about beautiful Jeju Island.

I dare prepare this homepage to introduce Jeju to Netizens everywhere, despite my poor web design and English skills.

So, please feel free to click on SOOASUNG, just as you would knock on your neighbor's door!

June the 3rd, 1996        Y.S.Lee and his family, SOOASUNG

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